Summer 2018, Halfway point

Time to reflect a little. This weekend we played our 100th show together as a band. That may not seem like a lot to some but in the music world that’s a huge milestone. We have been overseas together, from end to end of our fine country and have put many thousands of miles on numerous band vans over the last few years. Not to mention the new life long friends made every step of the way.

We have had a lot of help, starting right at home with our girls. Cheryl, Amy, Crystal, Heather and Laura who have been more then supportive and patient with us over the days and weeks away time and time again. The kids at home who take a FaceTime call at bedtime because Dad’s backstage somewhere waiting to play these songs we work so hard on. The wonderful Dalziel family who have gone over and above time and time again helping us when they didn’t have to in order for us to continue on. Calvin Monaghan for his knowledge, humour, technical skills and his ability to help us keep us sane and together when times get tough. David MacLean and Mark Curley who literally built a spot for us to rehearse from the ground up, not to mention many times we’ve needed their help with numerous projects and ideas over the years. And, finally Rian Malloch at Skware Eyes Collaborative for taking a chance on us when no one else wanted too and helping us grow leaps and bounds in the short time together.

We have had our biggest year yet, we have new music in the pipe and are only getting started. One hundred shows in and we are just starting to warm up. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to take a listen, came to a show or just gives us a thumbs up. It really does mean a lot to us.

We really do enjoy this and hope to grow it bigger than even we think possible. Thanks each and everyone of you.

Jordan, Craig, Brady, Donovan and Chris

Thanks, all of you.

Thanks, all of you.