More time passes, more stuff happening...

So, where to start. We have been doing a lot of sitting quietly on things and bustling at the same time. So a LOT has happened since the last post. For one, all but one of our songs are down from social media and digi distribution. We decided to push for Leave The Light On for radio play across the country, and decided to give it a haircut. Luckily, our friend Colin Buchanan from Hill Sound Studios (and also of Paper Lions fame) was free for some reworking. The result was fantastic, and we are very proud of it (have a listen). The other tracks we recorded will be available again soon, but we are figuring out the best way to do that. regardless, we will definitely be adding those songs as we can. 

We have also been working new material we are ready to debut starting on the coming tour with Dennis Ellsworth and we couldn't be happier about it. We have been spending time on a lot of things besides writing and it feels really good to do that again. As well, this upcoming tour is the debut of our new tour bus. Shenannigans on wheels- expect pictures. They are on the way.

So this spring and summer has us busy all around. festivals in PEI, to Ontario to BC. And some shows in between. But that is what its about for us. We just want to play. And we are incredibly lucky that we get to. 

So watch this space for more updates, whoever is reading this (hey Mom), and we hope to see you on the road!

Spring Tour  Final FLAT no banger.jpg