Rolling stones gather no moss...

   The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of excitement for us in the band. We are deep in the middle of it right now. We returned from Canadian Music Week a few days ago, and with a couple days of rest we are now in St. John New Brunswick for this year's East Coast Music Awards Conference. In a few short weeks, its a local celebration with MusicPEI's May Run Music Festival right here in Charlottetown PEI where we are nominated for 3 awards (Group Recording and New Artist of the Year, and Rock/Urban Recording of the Year!). Instead of a wordy paragraph full of info you probably won't need, here's a list of things that recap the past few weeks, and a few things we are excited for.

  • Photos added in the gallery thanks to our good friend Tony Dawe. Also the domain is now, but will still get you here.
  • CMW was great. We met a lot of people, and got to see some ridiculously good bands (Radio Caroline, Blackvoid just to name a few).
  • President's Choice beer is also the Royal North's Choice beer while in Ontario.
  • We owe a debt of gratitude to our manager Gardiner Macneil and friend/ally Brad Machry for helping us get the most out of the trip- thank you, guys.
  • The Hard Rock Cafe hosted our showcase which was amazing, but the downside was hearing that the place is turning into a Shopper's Drug Mart next month 👎
  • Porter Airlines is the most hospitable airline we've ever flown. Thanks for all the 8am beer 👍
  • This weekend we are playing a showcase at the ECMA Breakout stage, and the Delta Ballroom, 12 midnight, on Saturday. Craig is already in St John being the busybody and making the contacts that these conferences cultivate. We are all on the way in the AM. Which reminds me- I have to pack.
  • Our buds in East of the Dial are already getting boozy and enjoying their first ECMA nominations ever for Media Outlet of the Year AND Media Person of the Year (Joee Adams). Believe me, I can't wait to get up there and into some nonsense. These guys do a LOT for musicians in this edge of the country, and I am very, very proud to be included in that group. 
  • Not to mention our golden ear'd engineer, producer, sometimes keyboard player, and always a dear friend, Jon Matthews, who is nominated for Live Audio Engineer of the Year AND Producer of the Year. It's well deserved, and there isn't a nicer person they could nominate. Good luck, brah.
  • After the showcase, we are going to get dirty drunk, try not to make asses of ourselves, and enjoy a noisy, raucous reflection of all the years we've been doing this, surrounded by people that made similar choices to what we made, and have similar struggles and successes. This weekend will be about camaraderie, and pausing for just a moment to remember the first gig with the first handful of songs, and how far we've been able to take it. 
  • We are definitely aiming higher for 2017. Thanks for supporting us. We mean that entirely.
We laugh as hard as we play.

We laugh as hard as we play.