New Year, New grind, New plans

Allo. So it's been a while. And so much has happened. Let's just jump into all the things that have happened this past 2 months. 

New Years at the Delta opening up for Haywire was one of the most incredible experiences we've ever had. We had a fully catered green room, complete with an ice cart full of beer, and (as per our rider) a buffet full of crispy bacon. I kid you not. There's nothing that makes you feel more bigtime than asking for something weird and hilarious like pounds of bacon in a buffet tray. More importantly, we got to share it with our close friends on the biggest party night of the year. Not to mention we got to stand side stage and watch canadian rock legends Haywire play a slew of solid gold hits. Incredible night, start to finish.

We've been also thick as thieves with our brothers Andre Pettipas & the Giants and even made a mini tour around their neck of the woods, from the Commune in New Glasgow, NS to Governor's Pub in Sydney to the Carriage House in Port Hawksbury. There is nothing better than hanging out with likeminded musicians and connecting on everything. Our good friends in AP&TG are hospitable, talented, fun, and sincere. These are things every band should be, and they are a constant motivator to do what you love and love what you do. We are in the midst of planning another mini tour with the guys asap. We can't wait.

With the help of Joee Adams at  q93fm, we've achieved the relatively impossible. We've been added to the playlist rotation on the station! This is unreal news for a LOT of reasons. Most notably, that local bands haven't gotten play in PEI for decades. Once conglomerates and corporations bought up the radio stations, the music programming became more external, and less chance was taken on local music. Hopefully, things are going to continue to go well, and maybe it will open the doors for other local bands to get some airplay on our local stations. The best facsimile right now is Joee's project with Prider and Matty (and sometimes me) on the East of the Dial podcast. This is a music/entertainment show with a focus on music from eastern Canada, and we desperately need it. Tune in for weekly shows and in between chats on a well produced program about music that you may not get to hear otherwise. And if Joee doesn't have the sexiest voice. No wonder he's nominated for 2 ECMAs this year. Speaking of which...

We will be ripping it up this ECMAs in St John, NB this year with a full showcase! We are very excited for this. We didn't really have material on time for nomination categories, but we lucked into an ECMA sanctioned showcase. This is always a great time, and seeing old friends in a huge event like this is great. PS - a large contingency of ch'townies are in the same hotel. I fear the hangover. Real fear.

Its CBC Searchlight time again and we have an entry for our song Leave the Light On. The video is mainly tour footage, and some live footage at the old jam spot. Thanks to Jeff Matheson and Josh Pitre for the help with some of the footage, and Dazzles for putting time in editing. If you have a sec to throw a vote our way, every little bit counts. Thanks!

And since we are on the topic of what you can do for us, our latest single Falling Out Of Love is in the East Coast Countdown and is making a slow burn up the chart! If you would like to see us reach number 1, we need a vote! hit the link and rate the track, but also, check out some of the other awesome music being made in our cozy nest in the east coast. Our boys in Andre Pettipas & the Giants are in the list as well, with their earworm of a track, Richelieu.

Sorry this is so long. Next time I won't wait so long to update. New confirmed dates added in the show section. I think I got it all. Here's a few pictures of the past few weeks.