Where to start...

     Good lord, it has been a while. The "summer recap" has turned into "summer and fall recap". Where to start. Fantastic summer with some great shows around the east coast, and a stellar Music PEI Fall Conference. We were lucky to meet some very influential guest speakers and one of them was Tony Moore, who has been a member of Cutting Crew, Iron Maiden, just to name a few. We had a great talk with him, and he offered up a spot at his club The Bedford in London just after our stretch at the Looe Festival in Cornwall, UK.  And we hadn't felt luckier...

      ...Until we started the journey to England. The whole thing was surreal. We feel lucky we get to strum our guitars, beat our drums and sing into microphones. But being offered a few spots in another country was new ground for all of us. We just felt incredibly lucky. It was hairy as hell driving (yeah, Chris drove. Like a CHAMP), but we saw remarkable things. Hucked through farmer's fields to see Stonehenge, on the path past the King's Mounds burial site, Woodhenge, other incredibly historic things in that area. We also got to hang out with a fellow Island act who was playing the Looe festival as well. Meaghan Blanchard is a singer songwriter who has been wooing audiences with her genuine voice, and touching songs. She crushed her set to hoots and hollers from an intimidatingly massive crowd and later we partied like Islanders. We ate English food, we drank English drinks (lots), and we made English friends. It was a tornado of happy instances leading up to our set where we played in front of one of the biggest crowds we've ever played for. A few thousand people who by the end of the weekend, became friends. We were stopped every few feet as we walked through the tiny, dreamy town full of people drunk on food, booze, and good vibes, and everyone wanted to talk. And we wanted to talk. We met so many people that we stopped being so amped about the playing part and got amped that we were lucky to be there, talking to these great people. It was something else. So we did exactly what guys like us do. We got commemorative tattoos (shouts to Adam at East Looe Tattoo).

     The next night we were playing that gig for Tony at the Bedford, and this was intimidating. 5 acts, 2 songs, lightening fast changeover, and 2 sets, livestreamed. The night was hosted by Tony (which was awesome), and featured some of the best musicians we've ever played with. The night was a fantastic success, we drank more (of course), and immediately headed to the airport and started our 20 hour trip home. Gotta say. That sucked. But worth it? Absolutely.

     Now we are looking at the next flights to Ontario for our Indie Week Canada showcase at Cherry Cola's on Friday November 10th. Also that weekend, we are hitting up the studio with Brian Moncarz for some recording! This guy is incredible at what he does and has a client list that includes Moneen, Our Lady Peace, the Trews, Yukon Blonde, and loads of others. Another moment to feel incredibly lucky. 

     And speaking of luck, I (Donovan) just got sponsored by North River Guitars. I'm currently slinging their '59 Appetite For Destruction Slash replica. I feel like I shouldn't be allowed near something that nice. Its the best guitar I've ever played, and it sounds absolutely beautiful. Expect more shiny new guitars in my hands over the next year, care of Danny and Wayne, the builders. 

     Where to end this. Here is good.  



Thanks to the  Looe Festival FB page  for this pic of us signing autographs.

Thanks to the Looe Festival FB page for this pic of us signing autographs.

Zapper by Adam at  East Looe Tattoo . Rocking donkey calves by Donovan.

Zapper by Adam at East Looe Tattoo. Rocking donkey calves by Donovan.

Donovan is sponsored by  North River Guitars . Pictured is the '59 AFD Replica.

Donovan is sponsored by North River Guitars. Pictured is the '59 AFD Replica.