NYE Rock Show, Recording, New Dates, New Gear, RIP Shitty Pedalboard

    So many things to talk aboot. Firstly, we entered in the Oceans100/Delta Prince Edward/Brackish Battle of the Bands and came home with a big win! We get a $1000 (put towards recording) which is fantastic. But the big prize is opening for Haywire at the Delta Ballroom on NYE! Pretty pumped about all of this. We are all huge fans of the band already, and it's an incredible honor to warm up the crowd for them. We have to give a shout out to the other bands that competed- our good friends O'Leary, Fortune Bridge, and Generator all played great, and the crowd loved all of them. It was a hard battle to judge, I'm sure.

     Second, we were accepted to Canadian Indie Week in Toronto, (Nov 15-20), so check the schedule for showtimes! We loved playing in the city last time, and it will be a ball this time, no doubt.

     In other cool news, we shot some DIY footage for our homemade video we are putting together for Leave the Light On. We enlisted the help of our buddies Josh Pitre and Jeff Matheson on the cameras. Hopefully we will have it out to share in a few weeks. OH, and my old Jackson Outcaster is alive. thanks to Chris' killer paint job, and our good friend Andrew Smith for the assembly and tuneup. As well, Chris put fancy detailing on his tele. Looks not-so-bad either. He also retired the WORST pedal board in the history of pedalboard, so, you know, thank f%@! I included a few pics, because they are pretty. 

      I'm going to do a rig rundown on the guys, and some background on their history in the coming weeks. We are turning into gear pigs, so there's a lot to write about. Til then, cheers everybody!


The Outcaster, redone as a Surfcaster. Back from the dead.

Check out the tele.