A Lot, All At Once

Well. This past week has been a particularly productive one. We got our EP done, CDs printed, digital sites are rolling out the release, our new t-shirt design is done, merch is ordered and on the way, we've put our MusicPEI applications in, Canadian Music Week applications as well. Now we wait til Jan31st to play #NYE2016 with Canadian Rock Royalty, Haywire.  We are really, really proud to play this show, with a huge thank you to Ocean 100.3FM and the Delta Prince Edward for hosting. Tickets are really scarce, but you may still get some at Ticketpro.

If you want to see how Indie Week was, and hear Dazzles and I talk about music, check out this week's East of the Dial. If you aren't familiar with the podcast, its 4 guys (including me, recently added) who talk about the music being made in the east coast, and where it fits in with music being made everywhere outside our happy bubble. There are weekly guests with people you might know, should know, or definitely heard of, including people like Taggart and Torrens (that's Jonathan Torrens and Jeremy Taggart's new popular podcast), Adam Baldwin, Chris Murphy (Sloan, TUNS), and Eric Alper (director of media relations eOne Music Canada and popular music correspondent to major media outlets).

Speaking of Eric Alper, he had a preview of our album up on his site before the digital release, and the response was fantastic! We are very lucky to have support from such good people. If you wanted to catch up Eric's post, its here.

Welp, that's about it. We can rest a bit now. But not for too long. We are in a bunch of cover bands, and christmas is the busiest time of the year. No rest for the wicked. We hope you all have a perfect Christmas. Cheers, everybody.